The Theta Charity Antiques Show is completely run by more than 50 Committee Chairs and 200 volunteers of the Houston Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae chapter, working together to make it a success.

2018 Show Co-Chairmen

Vicki Lovin and Jennifer Donovan O’Donnell

Honorary Design Chairman

Ashley Woodson Bailey

Alumnae Past President
Margaret Buescher
Alumnae President
Deborah Dunkum
Alumnae President Elect
Suzanne Caram
Alumnae Representative & Recording Secretary
Nancy Craig
Louise Symmes
Maura McCarthy
Susan Stanton
Vicki Lange
Allison Ayers
Brooke Robertson
Cheri Fossler
Susan Martin
Olivia Munson
Financial Advisor
Dina Ormiston
Cathy Bell
Treasurer Elect
Laura Robert
Underwriting Chairs
Tricia Blalock
JudyAnn Mc Cartney
Dinah McClymonds
Liz Rigney
Peggy Roe
Marketing Manager
Mary Kristen Valentine
Website Manager
Lindsay Chernosky
Decorations Chairs
Ellie Bale
Shana Burrow
Beth Evans
Brooke Solcher
Ann Wooldridge
Nicole Zarr
Kelly Zenner

Designer Vignette Chairs
Carrie Holcomb
Kate Scott
Laura Wheless
Speaker Coordinator
Laurie Dorfman
Art Walks Chair
Nancy Sharp
Designer Walks Chairs
Cooky Mays
Patsy Holmes
Preview Party Chairs
Melissa Schnitzer
Giggy Thanheiser
Daytime Event Chairs
Ashley Clark
Jennifer Daly
Catalogue Chairs
Catharine Faulconer
Andrea Ferruzzo
Volunteer Sign Up Chairs
Jessica Jacobe
Cathy Watson
Ticket Sales Chairs
Nancy Bertin
Julie Harris
Ticket Captains
Mary Charles Davis
Mary Lynn Manon
Linda Bloss
Suzanne Caram
Beneficiary Liason
Cynthia Lange
Move In & Move Out
Linda Debrovner
Valet Coordinator
Beth Cozby
Commemorative Gifts
Mary Helen Norman