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Family of Bobby Sue Smith Cohn


Lucy Mitchell
Judy and Henry Sauer, Jr.


The Brown Foundation, Inc.
The Family of Mary Catherine Farrington Miller
Cherie and Jim Flores
Anne Lamkin Kinder
Park Place Motorcars

Tea Rose

Melinda and Jay Chernosky
The Crain Foundation/Lacy Crain and Joe Galloway, Mary and Walter Crain, Kelty and Rogers Crain
Sharon G. Dies
Karen and Bill Donovan
Jenny Elkins
Stephanie Hamilton
Hamman Foundation
Janis and Randy Henry
Lucas/Eilers Design Associates LLP
Carole Walter Looke
John P. McGovern Foundation
Anna and Scott McLean
Lindy and Larry Neuhaus
Krissi and Taylor Reid
Susie and Tommy Smith
Texas Children’s Hospital
Lynda Underwood


Marilyn and Bolivar Andrews
BB&T – Bill and Courtney Toomey
Mary Bates Bentsen
Patricia and Michael Blalock
Linda and Bob Bloss
Cadence Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Charles
Anne and Tom Conner
Sylvie and Gary Crum
Janice and Tommy Culp
Linda Debrovner
Marilyn and Lynn Elliott
Cheri and Andrew Fossler
Elizabeth and Will Galtney
Carolyn Frost Keenan and Charlie Gaines
Annette and Daniel Gordon
Jennifer and Jason Gordon
Carolyn and Carlos Hamilton, Jr.
Janet and Paul Hobby
Jean and Josh Jones
Carolyn and David C. Light III
The Jeff B. and Katherine B. Love Foundation
Olivia and Joe Munson
Marjorie and Richard Nelson
Jennifer and Walter O’Donnell
Betty and Stephen Newton/Lisa and Mike O’Leary
Penny and Townes G. Pressler
Liz and Robert Rigney
Brooke and Corby Robertson
Vicki Lovin and Peggy Roe
Kate and Woody Scott
Anne Munger Freeman/Kathy Munger and Carrie Skelton Holcomb/Betty Skelton
Patsy and Bob Speed
Julie and Mike Taetz
Elizabeth and Wakeford Thompson
TIRR Foundation
The University of Texas Alpha Theta Pledge Class of 1984
Toni E. Wallingford
Nancy and Ben Wells
Deanne Wagner White


Carol C. Allbritton
Allison and Pat Allison
Chris and Rob Ammons/The Ammons Law Firm
Mrs. Daniel C. Arnold
Frances and Tim Arnoult
Bayou Bend and Rienzi, the Historic Houses of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Sheryl and Doug Bech
Margaret and Jim Buescher
Nancy and Harry Burrow
Charles Butt
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Chandler
Betty and John Clarke
Anne and Jay Coskey
Jerry Ann Woodfin Costa and Victor Costa
Beth and Drew Cozby
Nancy Craig
Emily and Holcombe Crosswell
Carolyn and Sam Cruse
Dorothy Mewbourne Cuenod
Ellen and Jim Cummins
Jennifer and Jon Daly
Kendle and Lance Dardis
Laurie and Scott Dorfman
Gayle and John Durie
Lisa and George Francisco
Cathy and Ed Frank
Marci and Carlos Hamilton
Julie and Victor Harris
Heather Bowen Interiors
Mary and Jim Henderson
Cindy and Jim Hinton
Becky and Mark Hobson
Cathy Cutrer Holland
Houston Theta Mothers’ Club
Houston Trust Company
Jane and Dick Humphreys
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Jameson
Marjorie and Raleigh Johnson
Martha and Jimmy Jones
Jane and Larry Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Joseph
Cynthia and Cam Lange
Vicki and John Lange
Harriet and Truett Latimer
Elaine Seewald Lawhon
Mathilde C.F. Hoefer and Joseph T. Leary
Janet and David Lionberger
Margene and Bill Lloyd
Susan and Tom Martin
Dinah and John McClymonds
Sara Scholes Morgan
Patricia and Bill O’Donnell
Vivian and Tom O’Leary
Dr. and Mrs. Michael O’Shell
Dina and Jim Ormiston
Marti Peterson
Craig and Mary Leslie Plumhoff
Prosperity Bank
Virginia and Tom Purcell
Susu and Robert P. Ross, Jr.
Sherrie Sale
Steve Smith
Susan A. Stanton
Laura and Thomas Suffield
Giggy and Matt Thanheiser
Dianne and Eliot Tucker
Laurie and Doug Vander Ploeg
Mary Burkett Whaling
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wheless III
Martha Walton White
Mrs. Sara E. White
Stephanie and Gerry Willinger
Lois and Brad Wright
Dorothy Seay Wynne
Carolyn and John Young
Nicole Domercq Zarr


Diane and Steve Anderson
Bette Benton
Nancy Bertin
Marie Sharpe Blaine
Emily and Don Bolin
Gayleen and Mark Breeding
Suzanne and John Caram
Trish and Dunbar Chambers
Carol Dehan
Nancy and Bill Drushel
Anne S. Duncan
Laura A. Easton
Nancy and James Gordon
Georga and Judd Harrison
Ruth Hawk
Laura and Michael Heinrich
Alice and Randy Helms
Sharon and Jim Hibbert
Charlotte Loeffler Hickey
Lindy Hudson
Lady and David Huffstutler
Ms. Jessica Hudgins Jacobe
Katherine and Sean Keenan
Sharon Gray Ley-Lietzow
Sallie and Bob Mansell
Marietta Morris Maxfield
Cooky Maddox Mays
Maura Aiken McCarthy
Mary and Marion McDaniel
Leila and Walter Mischer
Caroline Mitchell
Mary Helen Norman
Carol Ann Paddock
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Reichert
Frank Rynd
Lisa Lowry Schwartz
Lisa and David Stone
Louise Symmes
Tartt-Elias Family
Mary Kristen and David Valentine
Ruthie and Al Waldrop
Elizabeth Cowden Walter
Dewitt Waltmon
Lucindy (Cindy) Ward
Kathleen and Marc Waugh
Marilyn M. Wright

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